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As musicians, producers and passionate music fans we here at ChartHouse are always looking to push our clients to the next stage of their career within the music industry. After working in the studio for months, you now need to get your music out there and this is what we're here to do! Client relationships are key to the way we work, priding ourselves on our communication, transparency and that all important personal touch. ChartHouse PR offer bespoke promotional solutions for your music, building campaigns using online, social, digital and print media. Whether you need branding as a new artist, or your latest single plugged to national radio, we have services suitable for everyone, ready to get the right eyes and ears on you.

ChartHouse PR offer all the solutions in regards to music promotion. We have a variety of packages to suit all levels of music and budget, as well as everything it takes to promote your release, whether you're an established artist, or it's your first release.

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Our Packages

ChartHouse PR offer all the solutions in regards to music promotion.

We have a variety of packages to suit all levels of music and budget, as well as everything it takes to promote your release, whether you're an established artist, or it's your first release.

Charthouse PR Package


PR Package


This is our entry level package for artists who require the essential materials to start promoting their music and building up their brand image.

This package will provide you with a bespoke press kit which contains everything you need to get off the ground to start promoting yourself as an artist. This allows for industry professionals, the press and potential fans to know exactly what you're all about.

We will also offer guidance on the best use of social media management, optimisation and paid advertisements across all platforms to help boost your social presence.

Charthouse PR Package


PR Package


This package is perfect for giving your release online growth over a 4 week campaign.

We will take your press package and market it to online media, such as blogs and online radio, targeting more views, plays, downloads and social media interaction.

A bespoke artist website will be designed to provide a personal hub and one-stop-shop for everything that's you! The marketing plan will be created in conjunction with yourself as the artist, ensuring that there is a cohesive build- up to the release.

Charthouse PR Package


PR Package


per 4 weeks

This package is for artists who want to take their release to the next level over an 8 week campaign.

We will target both online and print media as well as local and online radio. We will put together a detailed campaign to create as much opportunity for coverage as possible before, during and after the release.

Charthouse PR Package


PR Package

The platinum package is the ultimate PR solution for artists looking to break the music industry at the highest level.

National radio pluggers will target the biggest stations to increase the potential reach of the release, whilst combining this with a detailed print, online, digital and social media campaign. The complete campaign will typically run for 3 to 6 months, however this is flexible to suit you as the artist. This package is entirely customisable, you can include any of the other services we offer, which we and you feel are nessasary for the release.

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per 4 weeks
Artist Biography
Press Release
Promotional Photoshoot
Social Media Creation / Optimisation
Promotion to online media
Artist Website
Local and online radio plugging
Promotion to print media
National radio plugging
Any of our extra services
Release strategy 4 Week Strategy 8 Week Strategy 3 - 6 Month Strategy


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Other Services

These services can be purchased on their own or treated as bolt ons to existing packages as a great way of boosting a campaign.

Press Packages

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Design & Media

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Social Media Campaigns, Optimisation and Management

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Monetisation & Business Consultancy

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Frequently Asked Questions

‘PR’ stands for Public Relations. It’s the promotion of your latest single, album or other music related media to the public through the press, radio and social media to maximise your artist profile and ultimately boosting the sales of your product.
Music PR, or public relations, is the practice of taking your musical product and promoting it to a variety of media outlets to increase public interest. The modern musician often has a variety of objectives they want to achieve through the use of PR, especially in the internet and social media age. We aim to fulfil client led briefs, using carefully planned marketing and music promotion strategies which can aim to build the profile of any artist. This can include an increase in record sales, or a greater social media presence.
As an artist in todays age, there are a variety of ways to expand on your fan base and it can be possible to run successful PR campaigns on your own. However, doing this is extremely time consuming and many artists find it hard to balance promotion with the artistic process. Investing in a company to strategise a campaign not only utilises their database of contacts and industry relationships, but also gives you the time to perfect the product and yourself as an artist.

At ChartHouse we have extensive knowledge of music promotion within the modern music industry. We also benefit from coming from an artistic and music technology background too, this means we fully understand the amount of craft that goes into a musical product. We are also happy to give creative advice and make sure your tracks stand out in todays highly concentrated music industry.
As music lovers, we are more than happy to meet and chat about any music based product, whether it be a music video, a single, an EP or a full album. They are the products we are most used to dealing with, but we are open to taking on any other exciting projects you have to throw at us!
We are experienced in working with artists from a wide variety of genres, ranging from pop music to underground dance scenes. Working within new genres of music is something we get excited about, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any genre of music you make.
The hardest part of PR is trying to provide people with a definitive answer on the results we can give them. No PR company should be promising any sort of result from a potential campaign. Our job in a simple sense is to get your product to the right people, for example music bloggers and taste makers around a specific genre. We aim to provide growth in fans to every artist we work with and we are pretty confident we can do that, but ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ so we have to be realistic in what we can achieve. On the other hand, anything is possible with a successful PR campaign!
The packages we offer are there to provide an outline of different services we offer for artists often at different stages of their careers. But we respect that every artist we speak to will have different aims and budgets, so we are open to negotiation on prices and services we offer within the packages. Our pricing is very competitive in comparison to a lot of PR agencies, we want to remain this way so we appeal to a variety of artists at different stages of their career.
Similarly to the previous question this is also something that can be discussed. We understand that all artists will have different resources available to them and as long as we are happy with the standard of those products, we are happy to work with them and find better ways of investing your money into the campaign.
We’re based at the ChartHouse Music studios in North London. The nearest stations are Crouch Hill (London Overground) and Finsbury Park (London Underground, Victoria Line).
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